Kanohm Jeen Nahmya recipe

cooking kit size: 3 servings

cooking kit includes:
  • SimpliThai Kanohm Jeen curry cooking sauce
  • coconut milk
  • vermicelli noodles
  • cabbage
  • green onions
  • kaffir lime leafs
  • mint leafs
you simply add: your choice of protein & 3-4 hard-boiled eggs

some recommendations:

  • chicken thighs
  • chicken breast
  • shrimp
  • fish



  • 1 cup of your protein choice
  • 5 cups of potable water (for noodles)
  • 1½ cup potable water or your favorite broth (for curry)
  • shred cabbage finely; soak in a big bowl of ice water (makes for some nice and crispy cabbage)
  • finely chop green onions
  • 3-4 hard-boiled eggs (you know what to do... or use Google™?)
  • chop up vegetables to your preference (recommendation: chop slice them diagonally into ~2" strips)
  • and... any fresh veggies you like to have in your salads, add to your discretion

Let's cook!

Cook noodles:
  1. Add 5 cups of water to medium-large pot and bring it to a stove on [high] heat. Once the water starts boiling, add noodles. Let the noodles cook for 10 min. Make sure to stir them occasionally (to prevent them sticking together).
  2. Drain noodles, and rinse them with cold water until the noodles are cold.
  3. This third step is for presentation only, if it's confusing, just skip it. Pick up some noodles with your thumb & index finger, then with the other hand wrap them around your index finger until there's a neatly looped bunch of noodles. Put that bunch on the plate, repeat for the rest of the noodles. Leave plate of noodles aside.
Cook curry:
  1. Add ½ the coconut milk can to a medium pot (or saucepan), bring it to a stove on [medium-low] heat. As soon as the coconut milk starts to bubble, add the curry cooking sauce. Stir well. Let it cook for 5 min. Then add chopped protein. Stir, let the meat cook ½ way.
  2. Add the rest of the coconut milk, and add the prepared water (or broth/stock). Set stove to [medium] heat. Bring it to a boil and let it cook for 15 min. or until the meat is cooked to your preference.
  3. Give the curry a taste, adjust taste accordingly. When satisfied, turn off the stove. Add in the chopped green onions.
  4. To serve: Put the noodles on a plate or big bowl. Pour some of the curry on top of the noodles. Top with shredded cabbage, fresh mint leafs, and any other veggies you like! Enjoy! :]